Halftone FTP Server - How to access

Using an FTP Client software:

You can upload your files using any FTP client software, such as CuteFTP (PC), Transmit (Mac) using the following configuration/settings:

Host : ftp.Halftone.com
username: ftp2Halftone
password: XYZ (as provided to you over mail - this is changed every week)
optional settings:
Host Type: Autodetect
Data Connection Type: use PORT
Login method: Normal
Initial Remote Directory: Default
Through your web browser:
You can also enter this link into your web browser to access the FTP server:
ftp://ftp2Halftone:XYZ@ftp.Halftone.in (XYZ to be replaced by password)

(In case you are using Internet Explorer to connect to the FTP server, please check the settings of your browser. You can use Firefox also on your PC. Both Safari and Firefox will work if you are using Apple Mac and want to connect through browser. Also check with your System/LAN administrator whether your network allows FTP access).

Please create a separate directory for your job and copy all files into that. Make sure your data is compressed - Winzip (PC) or ZIP/Stuffit (Mac). Not only is the transfer time saved, but data corruption errors are avoided (usually fonts have a "Font Identity Loss" problem unless transferred in a ZIP archive).

Please check and the file sizes of the uploaded files to the files on your local system to make sure that the upload is complete.

Please email us with the job details and the name of the folder that you have created on the FTP server once your upload is complete, so that we know which job the incoming files pertain to.